Federal energy policies impact Pennsylvania | PennLive letters

As Pennsylvanians continue to face growing inflation and the economic pressure that comes with it, we need our policymakers to start taking action to help secure our financial future, as discussed in “Higher gas and rents keep US inflation elevated, likely delaying Fed rate cuts” (April 10).

That work ought to start in Washington and fast. Given that energy access is key to almost every industry’s success, federal policies that support increased oil and natural gas development can help put downward pressure on consumer costs for energy and related products. This could have a real impact on American families and businesses.

But the Biden administration has been advocating for anti-oil and natural gas policies that jeopardize our energy future. It all started with years of policies that removed land for oil and natural gas development, increased costs of production, and created unnecessary roadblocks to new development. Things got worse when the president announced a pause on new liquefied natural gas projects that could hurt our economy and our allies.

The systematic push against U.S. natural gas and oil development risks good American jobs, critical allies abroad and a future where we don’t have enough affordable energy to support our communities.

Instead, we would do well to harness our history: Pennsylvania is a proud energy-producing state that has long seen the benefits of natural gas and oil for economic development. Leaders in Washington should follow the Keystone State’s lead and bolster America’s energy future.

Author: Stephanie Catarino Wissman
Publication: PennLive
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