Letter: Good energy jobs are crucial to state economy

Policies that support U.S. natural gas and oil production can help secure our future

America’s economy is growing — and fast. The latest jobs report represents so many hard-working American businesses powering our prosperity.

But uplifting jobs data doesn’t happen overnight. To maintain America’s role as a global powerhouse, our lawmakers must prioritize policies that allow the U.S. to continue to lead as an energy producer.

After all, Pennsylvania’s natural gas and oil industry supports more than 423,000 jobs, providing economic development throughout the Keystone State. Smart energy policies can help support these and add future jobs across the supply chain to keep America strong.

And yet, between inflation at home and instability abroad, the future can seem uncertain for many Pennsylvania families. Thus the need for policies that support American energy development

That starts with lifting the pause on liquefied natural gas export permits and opening federal lands and waters to oil and natural gas leasing. It is continued by permitting reform that gets critical energy infrastructure built in a reasonable timeframe.

Energy is the cornerstone of our good fortune as Americans. Policies that support U.S. natural gas and oil production can help secure our future.

Author: Stephanie Catarino Wissman
Publication: Reading Eagle
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