Natural gas can help address global warming | PennLive letters

With all this talk about energy efficiency and reliability as it relates to the global climate crisis, I wonder why natural gas isn’t being talked about more.

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel. In fact, according to the U.S. Energy Administration, natural gas usage results in fewer emissions “of nearly all types of air pollutants and carbon dioxide” compared to its fossil fuel counterparts. It provides a clean, reliable source of energy for large and small businesses, alike, including those in energy-intensive industries.

Data shows that as natural gas usage has increased, there has been a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the Commonwealth. For example, since 2005, volatile organic compounds have decreased by 40 percent and nitrogen oxides (NOx) have gone down by 81 percent.

Natural gas isn’t just used for residential, commercial, and industrial energy resources – although it should be noted that it is a reliable and affordable energy source for more than half of Pennsylvania households and small businesses. It can also be converted to power vehicles – from cars to school buses to garbage trucks and delivery vehicles.

Additionally, given our abundance of natural gas, the United States should be shipping more liquefied natural gas (LNG) to our allies abroad so that they aren’t beholden to unstable regions of the world for their energy needs, all while reducing their environmental footprint.

Natural gas is leading to cleaner air and helping us to reach our environmental benchmarks. Going forward, as world leaders look at global solutions to our climate problems, natural gas should be a significant component of any plan.

Author: Greg Moreland, State Director, Pennsylvania National Federation of Independent Business
Publication: PennLive
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