Fair Share on natural gas tax

Once again, certain politicians in Harrisburg are stirring the waters against the Commonwealth’s natural gas industry — decrying that they aren’t paying their fair share and a new tax should be imposed.

What is a fair share?

The truth of the matter is the natural gas industry in Pennsylvania is already taxed multiple times over. Not only are the companies subject to the state’s regular business and corporate taxes, but they are also responsible for paying an impact fee.

Make no mistake, this “fee” is simply a tax by another name.

Unique to Pennsylvania, the revenues from the impact tax are given to every county across the state — regardless of whether drilling takes place there or not. Since the tax was enacted a decade ago, more than $2.5 billion has been generated to fund important state programs and local projects.

Here in Centre County, local municipalities have used these tax revenues to fund critical road and bridge infrastructure, as well as public infrastructure projects.

We have a tax system that works — and that benefits communities in every corner of the Commonwealth.

Author: Drew Miller
Publication: The Express
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