Letter: A natural win

Pennsylvania is a global powerhouse when it comes to natural gas production, second only to Texas in the United States. The industry has made a lasting positive impact on the Commonwealth in the form of countless jobs, revitalizing a languishing manufacturing sector, making the state a hub for energy innovation, and via Pennsylvania’s unique impact fee, which goes directly to environmental projects and local communities across the state. Thanks to increased use of natural gas, Pennsylvania is also helping to lower greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. Simply put, the natural gas industry is a win for Pennsylvania.

That’s why it’s so important for elected officials on the state and federal level to support policies that will allow the industry to thrive. That’s not to say we should do away with all regulation and oversight. On the contrary, reasonable regulation and permitting processes should be the standard. The problem is overly burdensome and duplicative regulatory and permitting procedures. That type of unfriendly business climate may lead to the loss of countless opportunities for economic and community growth. It’s time to embrace Pennsylvania’s role as an energy leader. We can, and should, do more to grow our state’s energy industry while helping to reduce emissions with cleaner natural gas.

Author: Jon O’Brien
Publication: Philadelphia Inquirer
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