An energy crisis America can fix, but will we? | PennLive letters

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine not only pushed our European allies into an energy crisis. It also exposed some of the energy security issues we have at home.

America is an energy leader, and we have the resources to replace Russian gas and stop the energy war that Putin is waging against Europe.

While the United States has stepped up to help our allies, our lack of energy infrastructure and our inability to move natural gas and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) to market has severely limited our capability to fully support our friends overseas.

We could’ve avoided this type of home-grown crisis if we had moved forward on critical natural gas infrastructure projects in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. That would help families and businesses here, too.
Pennsylvania has led the way in lowering emissions through natural gas usage and also through the integration of renewable energy sources into our power grid.

et, we continue to see major pipeline projects stalled or cancelled due to burdensome regulations, lawsuits, and a lack of understanding on how these projects empower America to be a worldwide leader in both lowering emissions and energy production.

Let’s learn from Putin’s energy war on Europe and become the energy leader that we are meant to be. Let’s build more infrastructure and get more Pennsylvania-produced natural gas to our allies overseas while providing more resources and family sustaining jobs at home.
Author: Jim Snell, Business Manager, Steamfitters Local Union 420
Publication: PennLive
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