America needs common-sense energy policies

Suggestions by guest columnist Anthony Pugliese about the need for commonsense energy policies at the federal and state levels are spot-on. American liquefied natural gas producers have stepped up dramatically in the last year to provide energy security to allies overseas during the biggest European land war since World War II.

But lawmakers in Harrisburg and Washington can and should do much more.

A bipartisan effort to modernize the permitting process for energy infrastructure facilities, such as pipelines, would curtail predatory lawsuits, incentivize investment, create jobs and ensure American energy leadership for decades to come. Lawmakers must get this effort across the finish line this year.

With geopolitical instability a constant concern, too much is at stake for our elected leaders to drop the ball on energy security. Production of American natural gas and oil – which provide 70% of our nation’s energy – should remain central to any long-term energy development strategy.

Instead of restrictions to block natural gas and oil, the focus should be providing Americans reliable energy sources, enhancing global security, cementing our energy dominance and making energy safer, cleaner, and more affordable.

Author: Stephanie Catarino Wissman
Publication: PennLive
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