Pa.’s lawmakers at state and federal level need to embrace our energy resources | Letter

Thanks to technology, we live in a fast-paced world that relies on an increasing amount of energy to grow and function. In fact, experts agree that our energy needs will only continue to grow in the coming decades.

That’s why it’s essential that we lay the groundwork for a secure, sustainable, and reliable energy source now.

As we do so, Pennsylvania can be and should be part of the solution. We have the resources. Thanks to the Marcellus Shale that lies below much of the Commonwealth, Pennsylvania has the distinction of being second in the nation in natural gas production. The development of the Marcellus Shale has revitalized our state’s economy and boosted our energy portfolio.

In fact, according to a recent report by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, over the past 20 years, natural gas went from accounting for 2% of the state’s electricity generation to 52%. In the process, the industry has been responsible for hundreds of thousands of direct and downstream jobs and helped to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Our elected officials on the state and federal levels need to embrace and further promote Pennsylvania’s role as an energy leader. Policies that strengthen energy infrastructure, simplify and streamline permitting processes and encourage an increase in production are needed to ensure a secure energy future for our state and nation. Our economy, national security, and environment depend on it.

Josephine Ferro
East Stroudsburg

Author: Josephine Ferro
Publication: Lehigh Valley Live
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