Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: State of the union stronger when America leads on energy

Solving the energy crisis requires a course correction from Washington — and one that encourages domestic natural gas and oil development, energy security, economic growth and continued progress toward a lower-carbon future.

What doesn’t help is the finger-pointing at producers, unfounded accusations of price gouging and threats to impose new taxes, as well as the Biden administration’s efforts to greatly reduce leasing on federal lands and waters.

This approach hinders development and could undermine America’s enviable position as the No. 1 producer of natural gas and oil in the world. U.S. energy leadership can mean abundant, reliable energy for consumers as well as reduced dependence on unstable foreign powers.

Putting the U.S. on a more secure path to energy security involves supporting policies that enable producers to make more U.S. energy, streamline permitting and review processes for infrastructure projects to move more energy and allow natural gas and oil companies to innovate and improve emissions reductions.

We need bipartisan policy making that acknowledges our energy challenges, and the leading role natural gas and oil are projected to play for decades to come.

The writer is executive director of the American Petroleum Institute Pennsylvania.

Author: Stephanie Catarino Wissman
Publication: Pittsburgh Tribune
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