LETTER: Vote pro-energy, growth

This November, voters will have the opportunity to significantly impact the makeup of both our state and federal governments. With a number of high-profile offices on the ballot this year – including governor, U.S. Senate, the entire congressional delegation, half of the state Senate and all of the state House – this election could have long-lasting ramifications on our energy and economic future.

Pennsylvania is the top electricity exporter and the No. 2 natural gas producer in the nation. We are uniquely situated to be leaders in the energy sector for generations to come. But our success in this endeavor hinges on whether our elected officials help our natural gas industry to thrive or stand in the way of progress.

That’s why it’s so important to vote for candidates that either have a track record or have pledged to support pro-growth policies that will help our energy sectors to thrive. Allowing the commonwealth to realize its full energy potential will bring economic stability and prosperity, an increase in direct and indirect jobs, as well as energy affordability and reliability.

In the upcoming general election, vote for the pro-energy, pro-growth candidates.


Author: Michelle Thompson
Publication: Observer Reporter
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