Vital and proud

With energy demand soaring and supply struggling to keep up, discussion has centered on new development in the natural gas and oil industry. Energy development can have a global impact but also a local one as highlighted in the article “Can environmental violations define oil and gas companies as bad actors? A judgment awaits” (Aug. 3). Pennsylvania energy operators are subject to strict safety and environmental standards that make American energy among the safest and cleanest in the world.

With new natural gas and oil leases on the horizon, communities must consider how to respond when a lease is purchased within their geographical boundaries. The truth is our industry has long invested in its operating communities from donating PPE during COVID, to assisting with hurricane relief efforts, to supplying billions of dollars in impact fees to Pennsylvania counties and municipalities.

Additionally, routine royalty payments made by companies to extract energy resources support area landowners, state and local governments, and school districts. Energy companies operating in the Keystone State do so with the safety, growth and development of local communities in mind.

It is important when considering potential new energy development to take in the whole picture. The natural gas and oil industry supports millions of jobs, invests in new infrastructure, and keeps vehicles on the road and lights on at home while operating under strict standards to ensure communities are protected.

These companies are a vital part of the American economy and proud supporters of the places where they operate.

Author: Jonathan Lutz
Publication: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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