Letter to the Editor

Home-grown energy, please
As fuel prices remain high throughout the country, it’s time to embrace and support home-grown energy resources. For too long, the United States has felt the negative repercussions of being overly reliant on foreign energy sources. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We have plenty of secure, reliable energy resources right at our fingertips.
But to realize our energy potential, elected leaders need to support policies that will help American energy industries to thrive and grow – securing our energy needs in the process. Investing in critical infrastructure will help get natural gas to areas of this country that are in desperate need of more stable energy resources. In our modern world, it makes no sense that New England states should need to import foreign energy because they are cut off from Pennsylvania’s vast Marcellus Shale reserves simply because of a lack of pipelines.
Additionally, permitting reform and an updated application process for liquefied natural gas will go a long way in securing our energy leadership. Far too often projects are put on pause due to a cumbersome and convoluted permitting process. These delays can be years in the making. A streamlined LNG application process will have the added benefit of helping the U.S. better provide energy to our international allies.
We have the power – both figuratively and literally – to be the world’s energy leader. We just need to unlock our country’s untapped potential in order to achieve it.
Krystle Bristol
Author: Krystle Bristol
Publication: The Daily Review
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