Don’t overlook the critical role natural gas played for Pa. during pandemic | Letter

As Pennsylvania continues its post-pandemic recovery, the critical role of the natural gas industry should not be overlooked.
Prior to the pandemic, the industry was helping to revitalize the Commonwealth. In 2019 alone, natural gas was responsible for more than $78 billion in economic activity – and the benefits haven’t been just for those directly associated with the industry. Tens of thousands of downstream and indirect jobs have been created in the construction, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing sectors. These are long-term, family sustaining jobs that are helping to reawaken regions of the Commonwealth that have long been economically stagnant.
Throughout the pandemic, the natural gas industry provided a crucial service in the manufacturing of personal protective equipment – including sanitizer, gowns, masks, face shields and gloves. The industry also played a critical role in the development and manufacturing of the vaccines, which allowed for a return to a sense of normalcy following periods of lockdown.
Author: Express-Times Letters to the Editor
Publication: Lehigh Valley Live
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