We’ve got the gas

As the fallout from Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine continues to unfold, the critical role the natural gas industry plays in our country’s energy security cannot be emphasized enough. As the ongoing conflict has shown, we are living in an increasingly interconnected world. Just look at rising gasoline and energy prices and the impact they are having on our overall economy.

But the United States’ is in a much better position to deal with the fallout of the global marketplace, thanks in large part to our vast natural gas reserves. The natural gas industry has created a wave of jobs and economic opportunity, lowered domestic energy costs and enhanced our national security.

In fact, a recent report shows that in 2019 alone, the industry supported nearly 500,000 direct and indirect jobs in Pennsylvania. These jobs provided more than $40 billion in wages and contributed more than $78 billion in economic impact for the state.

As the second largest natural gas producer in the country and the number one net exporter of electricity, Pennsylvania plays a critical role in securing our nation’s energy independence. The less reliant we are on foreign energy sources — such as Russia — the more stable our national security and economy will be. In contrast, much of Europe has shied away from natural gas production and as a result has been much more dependent on Russia for its energy needs. As a result, Russia’s aggressive actions toward the Ukraine have had a significantly negative impact on Europe’s energy stability.

Natural gas is the key to our economic and energy security.

Author: David Cranston Jr
Publication: Post-Gazette
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