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Natural gas is a win for the economy and vital to our country’s national security. For Pennsylvania, this industry has been a game changer – breathing new life into stagnating communities and spurring hundreds of thousands of jobs.


In fact, according to a recent report by PricewaterhouseCoopers, in 2019, the natural gas industry was responsible for more than 480,000 Pennsylvania jobs, provided over $40.4 billion in wages, and contributed more than $78.3 billion to the state’s economy.


And to be clear, the jobs that have been created are not just in the natural gas industry. There have been tens of thousands of jobs created in ancillary industries – including in the construction, manufacturing and transportation, and warehousing sectors.

These are good-paying jobs that are helping to revitalize regions of our great Commonwealth. For example, look at the positive impacts the building of Shell’s Petrochemicals Complex in Beaver County and the planned Nacero manufacturing facility in Luzerne County are having in those communities, creating new jobs and stimulating economic growth.

Additionally, natural gas is a key component to our country’s overall national security and energy leadership. The less dependent we are on foreign energy sources – such as Russia– the better off our national security is. One only has to look at the negative impact Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is having on rising gas and energy costs to see why it is so important to shore up the United States’ energy production.

As the Commonwealth continues in its post-pandemic recovery, a thriving natural gas industry will have a positive benefit on the state – and nation – for decades to come.

Jon O’Brien, Executive Director, Keystone Contractors Association and General Contractors Association of PA, Dillsburg, Pa.

Author: PennLive Letters to the Editor
Publication: Penn Live
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