LETTER: Natural gas is a win for Pennsylvania

It is refreshing to know that Governor Tom Wolf, for the first time since taking office, chose not to include an additional tax on the natural gas industry as part of his most recent budget proposal. This is a marked change from the past seven years when, despite the numerous benefits the industry provides the Commonwealth, it was unfairly targeted for additional taxation to pay for more state spending.

The industry has revitalized regions of the Commonwealth, creating thousands of well-paying direct and indirect jobs, while breathing new life into small towns that had been economically stagnant.

The positive impacts of the industry go far beyond the counties that have gas drilling located within their borders.  In the southeast region of the state, we too, are benefitting.  Natural gas provides clean and affordable energy to residents across the state.  This has the double impact of lowering energy bills for the average Pennsylvania family and, also, increasing the state’s competitiveness for attracting new businesses. Thanks in large part to natural gas, Pennsylvania’s air quality has improved resulting in a decrease in CO2 emissions.

But that’s not all – every county in the state benefits economically from Pennsylvania’s natural gas impact tax.  Since the tax was enacted, the southeast region of Pennsylvania has received more than $40 million.  These funds have paid for a myriad of projects that improve local communities for our residents.

More jobs, lower energy costs, cleaner air, additional funding for local communities – simply put, natural gas is a win for Pennsylvania.

Author: Becky Corbin
Publication: Daily Local News
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