Tax on natural gas would harm state’s recovery

Pennsylvania has gone from energy importer to key exporter and the second-largest producer of natural gas in the nation. That’s thanks to the shale revolution made possible by modern hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling.

As the demand for affordable, reliable and clean energy grows, Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry has met the need while generating good-paying jobs and billions in impact fees and other tax revenues that have benefited all 67 counties.

Gov. Wolf’s severance tax plan, however, would do more harm than good. In addition to discouraging investment and job creation, a severance tax could increase household energy bills and consumer prices for commonly used items and services.

To get our economy back on track and generate new jobs, we need policies supporting job creators such as the natural gas and oil industry, which sustains thousands of direct and indirect jobs in Pennsylvania. Imposing another energy tax could put more Pennsylvanians out of work and increase costs for businesses and consumers, undermining our economic recovery and energy future.

Author: Stephanie Catarino Wissman
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