Pennsylvania’s shale gas production critical to energy security

Pennsylvania is critically important to energy production and security.

Our abundance of natural gas has enabled Pennsylvania to become the second top-producing state, behind only Texas. The Keystone State has reaped the many advantages of natural gas development. The rich supply of natural gas has translated into good-paying jobs, economic growth, and additional revenue and investment for the state.

Benefits include good jobs, affordable and reliable energy, lower emissions from power generation and energy independence. The fracking boom has sparked extraordinary economic opportunities throughout the state, supporting nearly 500,000 jobs and generating millions in impact tax revenue for the state each year. Since 2012, the impact tax on natural gas has produced nearly $2 billion in revenue that has been distributed to communities in every corner of the state for critical road and bridge repairs, public safety and other projects.

The most troubling outcome of an outright ban or restriction on fracking and natural gas use is the loss of energy security. With shale gas development, the U.S. has significantly increased production and achieved energy self-sufficiency in a matter of years, becoming the number one producer of natural gas and oil and a net energy exporter.

Banning or limiting fracking will have far-reaching consequences for our country and for our state. It isn’t worth risking our national security or economy.

Author: Melanie Whiteleather
Publication: Lehigh Valley Live
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