Letter to the editor - Say no to severance tax

As we begin a new year, Gov. Tom Wolf will undoubtedly push once again for a severance tax.
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Why a Lebanon County township supervisor opposes the severance tax

After traveling the Commonwealth selling RestorePA for months, the Governor is poised to ask for a severance tax to fund this program.
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Study: Fracking ban would hurt Pennsylvania economy

A ban on hydraulic fracturing would hit Pennsylvania's economy hard, according to a study released Thursday by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
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Study: Hydraulic fracturing ban would be costly to Pennsylvania

What would happen if hydraulic fracturing was banned? A U.S. Chamber of Commerce study says it would be costly to Pennsylvania in terms of jobs and the economy.
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Cuomo's War On Fracking And Natural Gas Bears Highly Predictable Fruit

Like the football coach who blames game officials for his own bad decisions and lack of preparation, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is now blaming one of his state's public utilities for the inevitable outcomes of his own bad decisions related to hydraulic fracturing and natural gas.
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A misguided attack on gas, manufacturing

Mayor Bill Peduto's attack on the region's burgeoning natural gas production and manufacturing sector is as misguided as it misleading (Oct. 31, "Peduto: Fossil Fuel Industries Will Take Toll on Pittsburgh Region").
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U.S. Sen. Toomey of Pennsylvania aims to prevent future presidents from banning fracking

Pennsylvania's Republican U.S. senator filed a resolution in Washington last week seeking to keep a future president from meddling with an emerging industry in the state.
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To help working class, Democrats must recognize value of low-cost energy

It wasn't that long ago that President Barack Obama highlighted the value of natural gas as a bridge to a clean energy future.
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Groups vent concerns about RestorePa plan

In her eight years on Ebensburg's borough council, Cecilia Houser has witnessed the gas industry's "Impact Fee" restore area streams, improve a borough park and support fundraising efforts for Hastings Swimming Pool.
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Marriage of plastics industry and Penn College flourishing

There is a giant growing in Beaver County in western Pennsylvania.
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Pennsylvania Republicans unveil package of proposals to boost energy sector, state economy

Republican lawmakers in Harrisburg are moving forward with a plan they say will help both the state's energy industry and the environment.
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Restore PA repeats mistakes of old

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
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Restore Pa. initiative could have negative impact

In response to the Aug. 9 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article "New Pa. Poll Puts Biden's Lead Smaller Than Others," highlighting results from a Franklin & Marshall College poll regarding Gov. Tom Wolf's "Restore Pennsylvania" initiative, Pennsylvanians must understand the negative impact this policy could have on the state's business climate.
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Berks commissioner speaks out against Wolf's Restore Pennsylvania infrastructure plan

A top Berks County official joined a number of representatives from business and trade associations in voicing his opposition to Gov. Tom Wolf's Restore Pennsylvania plan, which would be funded with a severance tax on natural gas extraction.
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County's use of Marcellus Shale revenues praised

Natural gas industry representatives and elected officials rallied around one existing gas drilling fee while railing against another proposed tax.
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