$15.4 Million in Impact Fees To Go To Pennsylvania's 68th District

June 20, 2020

State representative Clint Owlett announced today that $15.4 million dollars in natural gas impact fees are coming back to the counties and municipalities in Pennsylvania's 68th district. This includes Bradford, Potter and Tioga counties. 

Act 13 of 2012 requires the state to collect from drilling companies and 60 percent of which is returned to the counties affected by the drilling. Because of this, in 2019 alone, the state of Pennsylvania paid more than $200 million in impact fees.

"The impact fee plays a vital role in helping our communities address the impacts of drilling while also benefiting from the jobs it creates," Owlett said.

According to the Public Utility Commission, this years distribution is 4$2.6 million dollars lower than last year, due to the low price of natural gas.

The rest of the money will go into the Marcellus Shale Legacy Fund. Any remaining funds will be used by the state to cover infrastructure maintenance and repair, emergency response planning, environmental initiatives in the state and water line construction maintenance.